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Titan III

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Requires Cradle Programmer
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About the Titan III - Alphanumeric Pager

The Titan III alphanumeric pager offers many enhanced features, including capacity for 20 alphanumeric messages, the ability to store/lock 10 messages and reminder alert that shows a message is unread and waiting.

In addition, the Titan III alerts you when you have reached your message capacity- so you never lose or miss an important message. Finally, this alphanumeric pager offers you a message scrolling view (with 3 speeds to choose from) 7 melody options (plus beep, chirp and silent/no alert options) and backs up all current and saved messages during battery replacement.

Read on to see how the Titan III pager keeps you connected to messages you need to receive- no matter where life or business takes you.

Features Description
Display Format: 4 Line Display, with 20 characters per line, with user selectable option to view:
• 2 line display with 16 characters
• 2 line display with 20 characters
Address Capcodes: 16 address capability.
• Any combination of personal and maildrop group addresses
Message Capacity: 20 message slots.
• 6400 characters maximum for 20 message slots
Message Storage/
Mail Drop:
A feature that enables the device to hold up to 15 group addresses with message history per address.
• 19,200 character maximum for 15 group addresses
Message Lock/Personal
Information Folder(PIF):
User can save/lock 10 messages.
• 3200 characters maximum for 10 messages
Real Time Clock,
with Day and Date:
Convenient real time display set via device menu.
Message Date and
Time Stamping:
Tells when a message was received.
Melody/Tone Alerts: Offers 7 melodies, 1 beep, 1 chirp, PLUS vibrate and sleep (no alert) options.
Alarm Clock: User set table alarm clock allows an alarm to sound at a specific time daily, or to be set for ‘one time only’ use.
User-Selectable Reminder Alert: User selectable option informs user that a message is unread and waiting.
Unread Message Indication: Icons indicate which messages have not been read.
Continuous Message Indication: Directs user to scroll down and finish reading the entire message.
Message Scrolling View: User selectable feature that allows automatic scrolling through messages with one button push
• 3 levels of speed to choose from.
Message Full Indication
with Icon:
Alerts user that device has reached its limit of 20 messages/6400 characters and will begin to eliminate messages from oldest to newest.
Duplicated Message
Indication with Icon:
Saves space by overwriting duplicated messages.
All and Selective
Message Erase:
Allows user to delete a single unlocked message or all unlocked stored messages.
Automatic Memory Retention: Retains unlocked messages for at least 30 seconds during battery replacement.
Battery Status Display: Tells you when the battery is getting low and needs replacement.
Low Battery Alert
with Indicator:
Indicates when battery is getting low and needs replacement.
Battery: 1 AAA battery (1.5 V) required.
Backlighting Display: View messages in low light conditions.
Holster: Provides an easy way to keep device-and your messages-close at hand.
Frequency Band: 900 MHz
Baud Availability: 1600, 3200, 6400 FLEX
Format: FLEX
Receiver Type: Synthesized dimensions are correct
Alert Tone: 75 db @ 12 inch (30 cm) 2960 Hz on Standard Alert
Operating Temperature: -10 to +50 degrees Celsius (14 – 122 degrees Fahrenheit)
Weight with Battery: Weight with Battery 1.6 oz. (45 grams)
Dimensions: 2 1/2 “ L x 1 1/2 “H x 1/2” W (63L X 43.5H X 18.2W mm)
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