Advisor Gold
Advisor Gold

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About the Advisor Gold Word Message Pager

Witness a miracle for yourself, and get the technology you want with the features you need–all in one small, powerful package. With Motorola, we're putting the power of words in the palm of your hand. Advisor Gold has a four-line display for easy reading of text and numeric messages. Very advanced features including a personal notebook and message alarm make this a high tier word message pager.

Features Benefits
Display Lines: 4 Easy to read entire text messages at a single glance.
OPTIMAX™ Holographic Display The exclusive holographic display provides exceptional contrast, making it easier than ever to read your messages.
Total Character Memory: Up to 30,000 Enough room to store a book of information.
Message Slots: 34 Plenty of memory to receive and store all your important messages and up to 15 different information services.
Information Service Capability Allows user to receive information services such as sports, weather, headline news, stocks.
Information Service History File Allows you to store previous information services for future reference.
Notebook Entries Use the notebook entries to store any messages containing names and phone numbers of friends, family, or business associates for easy reference.
Shows Time and Date Pager provides added convenience since it also acts as a watch and calendar.
Message Timestamping: Date and Time Helps you prioritize your messages by knowing exactly what date and time they were received.
Message Alarm No need to ever forget important dates in the that special someone's birthday. Send yourself a message and set your message alarm to remind you of that important date in the future.
Programmable On/Off Automatically turns your pager on and off at your selected times, saving battery life.
Message Preview Allows you to view the first line of each message for quick reference.
User Selectable Alerts Choose your favorite, or change your alert so you can differentiate your pager from others.
Vibrating Alert You can be alerted of incoming messages in a noisy environment or discreetly alerted when you do not want to disturb those around you with a loud alert.
Message Lock Lock important messages so they will not be accidentally erased.
Selective Erase Allows you to erase messages that are no longer needed, thereby keeping your pager's memory organized.
Erase All Keep your memory slots organized by easily erasing all unlocked messages when you no longer need to save them.
Memory Retention Don't accidentally erase important messages by turning off your pager - the messages are retained when the pager is off.
Battery Backup Retains messages in memory while replacing the battery.
Battery Gauge Monitors your pager's energy level, so it is easy to see at a glance the remaining life of your battery.
Low Battery Indicator Notifies you that your battery is getting low and needs to be replaced - helping to ensure that you don't miss any messages.
Reminder Alert A short friendly alert reminds you when you have not reviewed your messages.
Duplicate Message Duplicate Messages are stored in the same memory slot as original message - saving memory space for new messages. The latest timestamp is used and a Duplicate prompt is displayed when the message is read.
Backlit Display Allows you to easily read your messages at night or in a low light environment.
Battery: 1 AA Replacements readily available.



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