Daviscomms Br502
Daviscomms Br502

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About the Br502 - Numeric Pager

The Br502 numeric pager offers on-the-go professionals a reliable and convenient way to stay connected wherever business or life takes them. With its easy-to-use two-button design, scratch-resistant lens, and removable belt clip, the Br502 delivers the durability and functionality required to meet all your messaging needs.

Features Description

Message Capacity:

18 numeric message capacity.

Message Storage and Protection:

Allows user to store/lock 10 messages.

Address Capcode:

Receives up to 8 personal or group capcodes.

Display Format:

Shows 1 line of 12 characters plus 1 line of icons.

Time and Date Display:

Real-time display in 12 or 24 hour format for convenient reference.

Message Time Stamping:

Shows when messages were sent/received.

‘Delete Message’ or
'Delete All' Message Options:

Allows user to delete a single unlocked message or all unlocked stored messages.

Melody/Tone Alerts:

Allows user to choose from 8 melody alerts as well as chirp, vibrate, vibrate/chirp and silent/no alert options.

Built in Alarm Clock:

Set a daily reminder for important events.

Reminder Alert:

User selectable option alerts the user every 2 minutes until all new messages are read.

Display Backlight:

View messages in low light conditions.


1 Alkaline AAA battery required.

Battery Gauge:

Shows when the battery is getting low.

Low Battery Alert:

Indicates when the battery power is low.

Battery Backup:

Retains unlocked messages for 30 seconds during battery replacement.


1.5 oz. with battery


1 5/8 ”L x 2 3/8 ”H x 5/8 ”W




Frequency Range:

929-932 MHz


1600/ 3200/ 6400 FLEX

Operating Temp:

14°F – 104°F (-10°C to 40°C)

Alert Tone Loudness:

75 dB @ 12 inches (30 cm)


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