Sun Telecom AN1000

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Message Capacity: 30 message slots
Message Storage and Protection: Allows user to store/lock 14 messages
Address Capcode: Receives up to 8 addresses, including 1 personal and 7 group call addresses.
Display Format: Shows 1 line of 12 digits, plus 1 line of icons
Automatic On/Off: Specify a daily time period where the pager doesn't receive any messages, such as during sleep periods. Message reception resumes at a user-defined time.
Reminder Alert: Alerts user that a message is unread and waiting.
Unread Message Indicator: Tells user how many unread messages are waiting for review.
Duplicate Message Indicator: Indicates a message has been received previously. Allows message memory to be conserved.
Continuous Message Indicator: Directs user to scroll to finish reading the entire message.
Time and Date Display: Shows user a real-time date and time display, even when the device is off.
Message Time Stamping: Displays to user when a message was received.
Message Full Indication: Alerts user that device’s memory capacity is full and messages will be deleted from oldest to newest.
"Delete Message" or
"Delete All" Message options:
Allows user to delete a single unlocked message or all unlocked messages.
Melody Tones/Alerts: 16 user selectable alerts, including vibe, chirp, vibe/chirp, and silent/no alert options.
Tone Alert Time: Tones play for approximately 8 seconds.
Built - In Alarm Clock: Offers user the option to set a daily alarm.
Display Backlight: Allows user to review messages in low light conditions.
Battery: 1 AAA battery (1.5V) required.
Battery Gauge: Icon displays remaining power level in battery.
Low Battery Alert: Notifies user (via icon and audible alert) that battery is low and requires changing.
Battery Back Up: Retain messages for 30 seconds during battery replacement.
Weight: 1.8 oz.
Size: 1.7”L x 2.5”H x 0.8”W
Color: Black
Frequency Range: 929-932 MHz  
Format: 1600/ 3200/ 6400 FLEX  
Operating Temp: 14°F – 122°F (-10°C to 50°C)  
Alert Tone Loudness: 78 dB @ 12 inches (30 cm)  
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